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Your children & students


It's our passion, privilege and responsibility
to help you raise your children in the Christian faith




Start children off the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it
                                                                               – Proverbs 22:6



It's never too early or too late to teach children the ways of the Lord. From before the time they can talk, here at THE CONNECTION we begin sharing the Bible with them, helping them to understand there is a God who loves them, and a Savior who died and rose again for them. From birth through the high-school years, we instill in our young people the value of seeking God, sharing their lives, and serving the risen Lord.




We want to help kids take their next steps with Jesus Christ. We do this by helping them Embrace Jesus Personally, Experience Jesus in Community, Equip servant leaders and disciple-makers, and Extend Jesus to others


  • Safety and Security

  • Bible-based teaching

  • Developing a personal faith in God

  • Serving and sharing the gospel with others

  • Building healthy relationships


  • Every kid knows who Jesus is 

  • Every kid knows they are made in the image of God

  • Every kid knows how to love others the way God loves us

The connection Church Pelham Alabama
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